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Project Leadership XX


By: Gregory Lee

Project Leadership XX (PL XX) took place on Jan. 26th, Feb. 2nd, and Feb. 9th at the Veteran’s Building in Mullins Park. Nearly doubling our attendance from Project Leadership IXX, PL XX was a great way that students earned service hours while enhancing their life and leadership skills. Discussing topics ranging from Finance Basics to Public Speaking, the students truly enjoyed being taught by the guest speakers and participating in several ice breakers and other group activities.

Week 1 should have been arguably the most quiet and reserved meetings out of the three. However, due to the fact many of the students were not acquainted with one-another, we started out with an ice breaker, 2 Truths, 1 Lie, to ease the mood and have the kids get to know each other a little better. Instantly following the ice breaker, the kids began to be more open in talking with one-another and became a little more outgoing. After the ice breaker, the students had dinner and were led into the main topic of the night: college preparedness and college scholarships.

Week 2 had the largest attendance out of the three; there were approximately 55 students present. The students had a blast doing a group competition, which had them making a mission statement for PL XX and sharing it with the group. After the attendees voted on the winning group (who all received little bags of candy), the guest speaker on social media spoke about LinkedIn and its importance in the business world. Following that was a discussion on cyber-bullying and the beginning stage of planning the community service event that follows every Project Leadership.

Week 3, the final meeting of PL XX, was highlighted by Scott Brook and John Brodie leading a group discussion with the attendees about public speaking and how it helps you in any given career. Also, everyone in attendance agreed on a proposal that we would visit an assisted living or retirement home to spend time with the residents there. We had several students sign-up to help plan the event and attend it as well. As of right now, we are going to Harbor Chase on Monday 2/16 from 3-5pm to visit the residents and spend time with them.

We conducted a survey at the end of the 3rd and final meeting of those who attended PL XX, and the results were outstanding! 31 out of 32 people rated PL XX with a 4 or 5 (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest) for overall experience, 30 out of 32 rated PL XX’s ice breakers and exercises a 4 or 5, and 32 out of 32 rated the guest speakers at PL XX at a 4 or 5. One attendee said “I am very glad I got the opportunity to participate in Project Leadership. Although public speaking completely terrifies me, I found myself having full-blown interactive conversations with complete strangers. Thank you very much for the experience.” Rebecca Weinstein, a freshman at JP Taravella, said “I love Project Leadership! It has really made me learn how to speak up and have confidence!! Could never say anything bad!” Overall, Project Leadership XX was a huge success! We cannot wait to start planning the next one, Project Leadership XXI.



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